Popular fluffy and chewy pancake! Let’s enjoy vegan menus with a modern twist. AIN SOPH.soar 【Ikebukuro】

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AIN SOPH celebrates the 8th anniversary this year since it started as a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Ginza in December 2009.

They have opened their restaurants in Ginza, Shinjuku 3-chome, Ikebukuro, and Kabuki-cho town.

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Spacious relaxing restaurant space

Go straight along the Sunshine 60 street from Ikebukuro Station, go across the road when you reach the Tokyo Metropolitan highway, and go down to the left a little farther, and you will find AIN SOPH.soar.

The interior has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere with comfortable lighting. Their concept is “Glamping”, which stands for glamorous camping.

The interior is indeed like luxurious camping.

Vegan Pancake as one of the best recommendations!

“Heavenly Pancake (1,600 yen [tax excluded])”

Their vegan pancakes with seasonal fruit, soy whip, and homemade ice cream is visual- and stomach -pleasing.

They serve gluten-free pancakes as well.

A wide selection of menus with a modern twist!

All of the restaurants serve 100% vegan menus. AIN.SOPH actively develops vegan menus with a modern twist.

Their ingredients are purchased from trustful farmers as far as they can and their juice is fully free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Shown above is “Everything Course (3,800 yen tax excluded)”, which has been one of their long best-selling dishes.

The gorgeous course consists of fried veggie meat, whole-grain veggie tortillas, and TOFU Spanish omelets and others, each of which you can enjoy in small portion.

“Salad & Deli lunch (holiday 1,580 yen / weekday 1,280 yen all tax excluded) * Holiday lunch comes with “Red Tomato soup”.”

Healthy lunch with plenty of fully pesticide-free seasonal vegetables. Three Deli items vary by day.

“Sandwich lunch (holiday 1,700 yen/weekday 1,500 yen all tax excluded). *Holiday lunch comes with popular “Red Tomato soup”.”

The hearty menu includes natural yeast bread and plentiful vegetables with fried potatoes.

“Hayashi Rice lunch or Rice with Hashed Meat lunch (holiday 1,450 yen / weekday 1,100 yen all tax excluded) *Holiday lunch comes with popular “Red Tomato soup”.”

The Hayashi lunch, seasoned with Hatcho-miso or soy bean paste, tastes authentic and great.

“Chocolate Fondue (1,600 yen tax excluded)”

The vegan chocolate source filled with cacao is thick-flavored and can be enjoyed with fruit or baked sweets.

AIN SOPH restaurants with different personalities

Their first restaurant in Ginza was relocated from the original location and their fourth restaurant in Kabuki-cho celebrates the 1st anniversary this year.


AIN SOPH.GINZA as their starting point was renovated and opened at a new site in November 2016.

Their first-ever patisserie is on the first floor, and pudding, tiramisu, baked sweets and others are sold there.

The vegan restaurant is on the 2nd to 4th floors. It boasts of a big window, which gives a bright atmosphere. You can enjoy their delicate and creative dishes with “Wa” taste in Japanese-style tableware.

Its tasteful building is also a feature of this must-go restaurant.

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AIN SOPH.ripple in Kabuki-cho town

Their main menus are hamburgers!

Kabuki-cho is a town where people always walk past in a rush. Why don’t you eat a hamburger greedily with craft beer in one hand? This is an amazing restaurant which added “healthy” to “casual”!

The restaurant was produced by a longtime chef at AIN SOPH. He has lived abroad, long eager to manage a casual restaurant.

Besides, their menus are full of hearty vegan dishes like “macaroni cheese” using vegan cheese and “burrito bowl”.

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AIN SOPH.ripple

AIN SOPH.JOURNEY in Shinjuku 3-chome


cotta tomorrow(コッタ トゥモロー)


厳選食材、おすすめレシピ、専門情報などcotta tomorrowなら全てが揃います!

Exoticism-themed restaurant.

You can enjoy their menus heavy on spices and herbs, such as green curry and dried curry or stir-fried minced curry with rice in Moroccan tableware, which will give you an exotic feeling.

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