Original naturally fermented foods and organic vegetables from all over Japan. Natural Harmony Ginza Branch【Ginza】

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“Natural Harmony Ginza Branch” occupies the first and second floors of the building where the vegetable restaurant “Hi-Mizu-Tsuchi” is located.

Most of the vegetables from farmers all over Japan are naturally grown and organic vegetables. In addition,

a variety of safe and reliable products such as original fermented foods made with quality ingredients and household goods is available.

We had an interview with the manager of Natural Harmony Ginza Branch, Yuka Seno.

She told us about their true passion to pursue only good products without being affected by trends!

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Reopen long waited by the regular customers. Just the way they are without being affected by trends

Natural Harmony Ginza Branch reopened in August 2017. Although the location was changed, their passion and philosophy have not been changed at all.

“After the reopen, I realized that people care a lot about their health today since people are buzzing a lot about our store.

However, if we place more orders with the producers for this trend, they would be eventually bankrupted for a sudden increase in the demand.

While trying to well handle this trend, we want to continue our business the same as before.”

Natural Harmony’s building is constructed mainly with human friendly natural materials.

The walls of the first and second floors were painted by the staffs and they look atmospheric.

The store has a gentle and warm atmosphere. You can enjoy a relaxing grocery shopping.

A lot of original products! All fermented foods are produced with natural yeast

The store shelves are packed with various products! Firstly we spotted Natto wrapped with straws!

“Mameumaka is very popular and constantly sold. Straws contain Natto yeast and make soy beans fermented.

So the taste is superb. Originally it was sold only in winter but it is so popular that it is available all the year around today.”

“Mameumaka” made with quality soy beans is one of Natural Harmony original products. The Natto yeast of straw is not artificial but natural! This is a natural food!

Natural Harmony’s original fermented foods are all made with natural yeasts. Other ingredients are also naturally grown.

“Since we don’t want to compromise on the ingredients, we ask to produce our original products the food manufactures who accept our thoughts.

Most of the cases, we ask the manufactures handling naturally grown ingredients but most of them don’t usually use natural yeasts.

In order to produce our products with natural yeasts, whole one fermenting barrel needs to be used only for Natural Harmony.

It is not easy to find a manufacture who understands our thoughts.”

Seno said that there are many challenges but some of their business partners were inspired by the Natural Harmony’s philosophy and decided to make their own natural yeast.

The Natural Harmony’s philosophy is slowly but surely shared by an increased number of people.

Quality vegetables from all over Japan! The quality of meat and egg are also assured

A variety of original products are available in Natural Harmony. But a variety of vegetables is also available!

All the quality is assured and most of them are naturally grown and organic vegetables.

“We have more and more contract farmers all over Japan.

But the number of farmers making effort to grown naturally vegetables is still small and it is not easy for them to find the farmers who have the same philosophy.

The challenge for natural firming is not easy and many of the farmers have concerns.

Our effort displaying and selling a wide variety of naturally grown vegetables from all over Japan in Tokyo will encourage and motivate the farmers with hope for the future of natural farming.”

Natural Harmony also provides home delivery services.

“Compared to the number of stock at our store, only a limited number of items are available for our home delivery.

As we deliver only naturally grown vegetables and fruits, our customers can directly see the reality of nature.”

This refrigerator is originally designed for flower shops. The fridge capable to keep flowers fresh is also useful to keep vegetables.

Very unique name “Nuruppa” is actually mignonette vine. At Natural Harmony it is commonly called Nuruppa.

The store is selling meat, too. They are also from a quality farmer.

“They are pastured pigs from the farmer who cares about animal quality of life and respect their own lives.

The farm also looks after farrow in the site, which is very rare.”

Only quality eggs are sold. They also check egg production processes for the selection.

Get to know customer demands through conversations. They want to propose ideas how to live through communication with customers

Natural Harmony values conversations with customers at the store.

“We think it is important to reduce distances between our staffs and customers and to know what they are looking for and what is their problem through conversation.

Each customer has different expectations. Our staffs need to prepare several ways of explanation for one single product.

Off course all the explanations should be correct and reliable. While continuing the effort, we will gain customer trust.”

This is the philosophy of president who wants to talk about not only their products but also how to live.

Everyone gets tired in daily life and nobody can avoid it. In such a life, we need to detox our body to soothe fatigue.

Through their proposal of foods and products, Natural Harmony tries to pass their message.


cotta tomorrow(コッタ トゥモロー)


厳選食材、おすすめレシピ、専門情報などcotta tomorrowなら全てが揃います!

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games. People’s interest in natural firming and organic vegetables will be maximized in 2020.

However Natural Harmony will only continue communicating the importance of food without being affected by the age. Just the way as they are!

*The information contained in the article is as of the date when we interviewed and subject to change. We strongly recommend that you make an inquiry to the store prior to your visit.

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