Pleasing and delicious big bowl of salad! KOE green 【Jiyugaoka】

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“KOE HOUSE” was opened in November 2016 in Jiyugaoka.

“KOE green”, a café serving mainly bowls of salad and other healthy food is located on the first floor of “KOE HOUSE”.

It is always busy with the locals and a variety of people.

For this article we could interview Mr.Atsushi Genjo of STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC. which operates KOE HOUSE!

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A distinctive building, “KOE HOUSE”

Within a 5-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station. A big distinctive building suddenly appears front of us. Its design features wooden walls and roof and large glass windows.

This is “KOE HOUSE”.

Food, Drink and the signs of “EAT IN” and “TAKE OUT” are displayed on the glass window in front of the street.

”We put those signs on the window because people didn’t recognize us as a café when we had just opened.

Since those window signs were made, people passing by could notice us and we receive more customers” said Mr. Genjo.

Stylish but not snobbish. It has a relaxed atmosphere.

”KOE green” in which we made an interview with Mr. Genjo is on the first floor.

The café with large windows and high ceilings looks spacious and the interior design mainly using wooden products is very stylish.

But it is not snobbish and has a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy customizable KOE green’s bowls of salad!

The signature menu of KOE green is bowl of salad.

You will be surprised to see the size if you have never tried it! The delicious salad definitely makes you satisfied in terms of both quality and quantity.

Of course you can order only for a bowl of salad or for a set coming with a drink.

About the big advantage of KOE green’s bowl of salad, you can create your own salad with toppings on the basic menu.

A wide variety of toppings from trendy superfood to Japanese pickles is available. Make your original salad!

Each salad menu is served respectively with original dressing. But if you wish, you can change it.

If you are not feeling like eating an entire bowl of salad, its half size is also available. Enjoy veggies depending on your mood of a day!

Only selected vegetables are used in KOE green. As they procure organic vegetables as much as possible, you can enjoy reliable and healthy foods.

You can see the ingredients from animal products such as chicken, bacon and cheese to those for vegan and macrobiotics on the menu at a glance.

Details of ingredients also mentioned on the salad menu. It would be fun to eat while looking for the ingredients you want to see!

Those who eat meat but care for healthy eating and vegans who have no animal products, everyone can eat together at the same table, which is also nice.

KOE green’s recommended bowl of salad!

KOE green’s recommended bowl of salad is “Superfood Mix (1000 yen incl. Tax/ Half Size: 600 yen incl. Tax)”

It is a macrobiotic menu prepared with a variety of ingredients including spinach, brown rice, wild rice, Hijiki seaweed and chickpea.

The most popular bowl is “Bacon Cobb (1100 yen incl. Tax/ Half Size: 700 yen incl. Tax)

This is a classic salad with bacon, boiled egg, blue cheese and vegetables.

”Since the name is very familiar, many customers order for this salad. The bacon Cobb salad is recommended menu for people visiting us for the first time” said Mr.Genjo.

Our staff had ”Avocado Green (1100 yen incl. Tax/ Half Size: 700 yen incl. Tax)” when they visited here for interview.

KOE green’s salads including the said “Superfood Mix” often contain “Shiba pickles” which plays a unique role as a secret seasoning!

This salad contains also diced kiwi fruit. The combination of sweet kiwi and salty pickles tastes superb. This is one of our recommendations.

Healthy Sandwich and Soup

In addition to bowls of salad, KOE green serves other menus which we should not miss!

This is “Avocado Tofu Sandwich (600 yen incl. Tax)”.

It is a hot pressed sandwich with avocado and roasted tofu for healthy eating and served with aurora sauce mixed with cashew nuts.

There are other sandwiches such as “Basil Chicken Sandwich (600 yen incl. Tax)” and “Tuna, Mayonnaise and Root Veggies Sandwich (600 yen incl. Tax)”.

This is a potage soup, “Spiced Pumpkin (500 yen incl. Tax / Half Size: 300 yen incl. Tax)”.

Pumpkin, onion and cauliflower soup mixed with spices such as cinnamon and cumin is their specialty.

Also a soup cooked with spinach and kale, “Greens (500 yen incl. Tax / Half Size: 300 yen incl. Tax) and a soup cooked with mushroom and onion, “Mushroom Cream (500 yen incl. Tax / Half Size: 300 yen incl. Tax)” are available.

If you want to taste a variety of dishes at once, choose a set.

If you are concerned about the serving size of dish and hesitate to order for several items although you want to taste a bowl of salad with other dishes, choose a set!

KOE green’s set comes with a half portion of salad.

”Lunch A set (1300 yen incl. Tax)” comes with your choice of bowl of salad (half size), bread and tea or coffee or ”Lunch B set (1200 yen incl. Tax)” comes with Bacon Cobb (half size),

your choice of hot sandwich and tea or coffee.

Those lunch sets are served from open to 14:00. You must try them!

After 14:00, “Salad Set (a drink 200yen off)” of your choice of bowl of salad (half size) and your choice of drink and “Sweets Set (a drink 200 off)” of your choice of sweets and your choice of drink are available.

Just for your information, their sweets are provided by “913 (NEUF UN TROIS)” also managed by STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC.

The NEUF UN TROIS is famous for the original sweets made with domestic soybeans. Currently they are served only at KOE green!

*The information contained in the article is as of the date when we interviewed and subject to change. We strongly recommend that you make an inquiry to the store prior to your visit.

Store Information

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