Beautiful colors of nature! Keep cool in the summer with these vibrant and healthy smoothies at Trueberry, Hiroo!

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Truberry Hiroo is a smoothie shop which opened in September 2104 in Hiroo, Tokyo.

Their specialties of healthy smoothies and cold pressed juices are made with domestically produced and pesticide-free ingredients where obtainable.

The vibrant colors of the store are eye-catching, and the convenient location offers an oasis during the hot summer season to cool off and rest after a day of walking in the sweltering heat!

We took the time to speak with the store manager of Trueberry Hiroo, Moe Ikoma, to ask about some her recommendations, how she came to work at Trueberry, and other juicy stories!

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A daily ritual to boost your energy. Off to Hiroo’s alley to head for Trueberry.

Trueberry Hiroo is located just near the Hiroo Station on the subway line, tucked away at the end of a surprisingly quiet alleyway despite it being near a station.

Hiroo has the locality of attracting many trend-conscious people, and many of Trueberry’s clientele pursue a healthy lifestyle.

They are very selective of the ingredients, which is exactly what Trueberry is all about. The store is popular to non-Japanese customers as well.

These natural colors are fascinating! Vibrant smoothies made with the carefully selected vegetables.

Trueberry’s fruits and vegetables are not sourced through a wholesaler, but by their own findings – each carefully selected to meet the standards of the shop.

”We wish to spread the word about the farmers and their efforts to go pesticide free, and we wish to shed light on all of the hard working farmers who go to great lengths to create their produce.

We contact the farmers directly and then we go to meet them. By continuing this process, we’re able to make almost all of our ingredients organic.”

Just look at the color of the smoothies! This is the pure honest-to-goodness natural color of the ingredients – so incredibly vibrant.

They’re very fun and pleasing to the eyes, but that’s not all – the drinks are packed with an abundance of healthiness.

What more could you ask for? It’s no wonder they have a growing fan base.

There are always over 20 varieties of smoothies. Packed with superfoods and sweetened with fruits and dried fruits, the smoothies have a natural sweetness that is unexpectedly rich and firm.

Ms. Ikoma recommends the Kale Green Smoothie. It’s the go-to all-rounder especially for first time customers who have a hard time deciding on what to get.

”Kale Green is delicious and goes down very easy even though it’s made with a generous portion of healthy greens. I can hear the customers sip the drink until the last drop. ”

A delicious smoothie with not a drop to waste – of course, we also slurped it all away, too!

All of the staff are involved in coming up with the suggestions for new blends of ingredients. If they want to try something, they’ll make it; and if it’s good, it goes on the menu.

It’s not rare that they’ll get ideas from customers and put them to the test, so if you have a specific request, do let them know!

Detox with cold pressed juices.

”The smoothies are good, but we as a store recommend our cold pressed juices. We REALLY want people to try these!”

All of the cold pressed juices are made with domestic, pesticide-free, and chemical fertilizer-free produce! They offer four types of basic juices along with two seasonal flavors.

”We highly recommend the juices. Juices taste different for everyone depending on their physical conditions or palates, so we offer samples to help the customers decide.”

You know the old saying, “good medicine tastes bitter,” and many people think that food that is good for you is not tasty.

“But not with the cold pressed juice!” Ms. Ikuma insists.

These juices are packed with nutrients, and we suggest them to customers who wish to condition their body or go on a diet.

Do also ask about the Juice Cleanse to detox your body with the cold pressed juices for a few days. They’ll be happy to assist!

Other menus you don’t want to miss – Parfait, Brown Rice Balls, Pulp Soup and more!

At Trueberry, you’ll find many other appetizing offerings other than the smoothies and juices!

Healthy dishes like parfait, organic salad, fermented organic brown rice, and veggie nori maki (seaweed roll) are also on the menu.

The soup made with the remaining pulp after the fruits and vegetables have been juiced is also a must-try.

”We want to try to consume all of the ingredients somehow. We feel that we mustn’t waste the ingredients that the farmers put so much effort into making, especially after meeting them at their farms.

We offer the pulp for free to our customers, or use them in our menus like soup, sandwich dough, pastries, and salad dressing – we want to try to use up everything.”

The fresh fruits and vegetables have been carefully picked to begin with.

The nutritional value and fiber properties still remain after the produce are juiced to a pulp, which is why they are able to incorporate the remaining pulp into their vast creations.

Trueberry takes advantage of being a juice shop to make full use of their nutritious ingredients and incorporate them in the menus. This is also worth checking out!

Visit their Omotesando and Nakameguro stores as well!

After opening the shop in Hiroo in 2014, Trueberry extended their doors to Nakameguro in 2015 and to Omotesando in 2016; currently operating three stores in Tokyo.

They’ve made a steady increase with one shop opening every year. Will there be more store openings in the future?

*The information contained in the article is as of the date when we interviewed and subject to change. We strongly recommend that you make an inquiry to the store prior to your visit.

Store Information

Click here for location and detailed information on Trueberry Hiroo.
Click here for location and detailed information on Trueberry Omotesando.
Click here for location and detailed information on Trueberry Nakameguro.

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