A vegan restaurant that delivers “vegan = delicious”

A vegan restaurant that delivers “vegan = delicious”

cafuu does not use synthetic additives
Organic☆Vegan restaurant

Restaurant course meal (reservation required)
Sales of organic snacks, cakes, and rice flour breads (all snacks, cakes, and breads are gluten-free)
Lunch box (reservation required during lunch box period)
We sell side dishes, natural foods, vegetables, daily necessities, and more at our stores.

All of them carefully selected by cafuu
organic and natural ingredients
I am using it
Natural salt, edible oil, seasonings, vegetables, products, etc. are all safe and secure.

More than 90% of the vegetables we use are pesticide-free and chemical-free vegetables, brown rice, organic JAS, and natural farming vegetables from local farmers we know and love.

Of course, no additives, no white sugar, no herbicides or fungicides,
No genetically modified products
Products related to animal experiments,
Products that do not involve child labor or labor exploitation
No aluminum pots, Teflon or fluorine-treated pots or frying pans
No microwave cooking required
We are eliminating social poisons as much as possible.

Incorporates the ideas of Fuji of the Land'',One Thing as a Whole'', and ``Harmony of Yin and Yang''.

Also, cafuu
Since we keep veganism in mind, we, the creators,
Of course it's vegan!

[Veganism is about food, clothing, shelter,
It is a philosophy, lifestyle, thought, and way of life that seeks to eliminate as much as possible the exploitation and cruelty of animals in general life. ]

Therefore, vegan
Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, etc.
It's not just about not eating,
It's also not a health-conscious tool.

Unfortunately, the wrong perception of ``vegan'' is spreading throughout the world.

Business, fashion, trends etc.
Vegan restaurant in name only
There is no shortage of vegan certified stores.

Dishes and desserts made by the creator (restaurant) who is not vegan or by staff who do not have veganism in mind are not vegan dishes.
It's all about vegetarian food,''plant-based food,'' and ``vegetarian food.''

The recognition of veganism continues to be misunderstood year by year, so we offer this to our stores.
Organizers who handle vegan food
I hope for your consideration

Through real vegan products
The idea of ​​animal rights
The concept of food loss
How to think about the global environment and nature
Ethical & Sustainable
The concept of health through food
War, hunger, biodiversity, soil, water and air pollution, garbage and plastic issues, environmental destruction, and all sorts of other problems are all closely connected.

Convey important things to many people,
Learning or realizing even one thing,
I am doing cafuu with a sense of purpose and mission, hoping that it will be a starting point for the future.

What is business?
Although there are contradictory points,
cafuu is also a place of learning,
It's a place to connect with people

With human ego as before
[The future of our precious children]
[Animals' lives]
[Nature-rich global environment]
Don't take them away.

Let's end the era of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal.
It's about doing business in this day and age.
We strongly believe that it is our responsibility.

The responsibility is
“Vegan = delicious”
It is also about delivering

What a small cafuu can do
Although it is very, very small,
now! I think there are many things that cannot be protected unless we tackle them.

Please read this long article
thank you

Restaurant (lunch only)
10:30 START
(Reservations required at least 2 days in advance)
(Limited to 1 group per day)
Snacks and products sold in stores from 12pm
(Reservations for whole cakes must be made one week in advance)
cafe time 15:00~

For reservations and inquiries, please contact
Please contact us by phone for all inquiries.

In addition, customers using restaurants and cafes are not allowed to consume any food, whether synthetic or natural.
Has a "smell"
If you use detergent or fabric softener, etc.
Not available
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding fragrance pollution.

Himeji, Yobe
Average Cost
Open Hours
Irregular holidays
1-1-8 Nishishinzaike, Himeji City, Hyogo Japan
See Google Maps
Approximately 20 minutes by bus from Himeji Station (get off at Nishishinzaike bus stop and walk 3 minutes)
Payment Method
Number of Seats
  • Wheelchair Access

    Wheelchair Access

  • Vegan Menu

    Vegan Menu

  • Vegetarian menu

    Vegetarian menu

  • Muslim-Friendly Menu

    Muslim-Friendly Menu

  • Organic Food

    Organic Food

  • Gluten-Free Menu

    Gluten-Free Menu

  • Macrobiotic Menu

    Macrobiotic Menu

  • Low-carb Menu

    Low-carb Menu

  • Oriental-Vegetarian Menu

    Oriental-Vegetarian Menu

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