Natural House Pumpkin

A pension surrounded by nature in Hakuba, Shinshu, offering natural food

A pension surrounded by nature in Hakuba, Shinshu, offering natural food

At Natural Pension Pumpkin in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, we do not use any animal ingredients, and prepare meals using organic vegetables and additive-free ingredients.

We are looking forward to your visit.

We accept reservations only for meals depending on the situation. The staple food is fermented brown rice, and breakfast is irregular and there are days when it is natural yeast bread. (Wheat flour is usually cultivated domestic wheat)

Not only macrobiotics and natural food oriented people, but also vegans and vegetarians can enjoy it.

The walls of the room have been remodeled with diatomaceous earth and 100% natural paint, and the bedding is mainly made of organic cotton.

Please spend a relaxing time at Pumpkin.

Lunch budget: 1,500 yen ~
Dinner budget: 3,500 yen ~
Reservation required at least 2 days in advance

Average Cost
1500 円3500 円
Open Hours
Reservation Only
No Regular Holiday
828-318 Hokujo, Hakubamura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano
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Payment Method
Credit card not available
Number of Seats
  • Non smoking

  • Vegan Menu

    Vegan Menu

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    Vegetarian menu

  • Organic Food

    Organic Food

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    Macrobiotic Menu

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    Low-carb Menu

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