A book cafe where you can enjoy the garden and surrounding scenery in a calm space.

A book cafe where you can enjoy the garden and surrounding scenery in a calm space.

A book cafe nestled quietly in the peaceful nature of Western Joshu. Enjoy healthy meals and snacks while looking at the garden and surrounding scenery or reading a book in a peaceful space.

Please feel free to stop by to shop for locally grown vegetables, recommended seasonings, tea, crafts, old books, and more.

[Healthy food and snacks]
Meals such as handmade soba noodles (reservations are preferred; the dipping sauce is also vegetable-based), rice balls and oinari-san made of brown rice and millet cooked in an earthenware pot, miso soup, and white sugar-free, egg-free, and dairy-free meals. We have prepared meals and snacks that are macrobiotic and nutritious. Recommended ingredients and seasonings are on sale in the store. Take-out items such as brown rice Onari-san and banana bread are also popular.

[Barrier-free space with plenty of solid wood]
With a parking lot directly connected to the slope, a spacious restroom that can accommodate wheelchairs, and seats that can accommodate strollers, everyone can enjoy a relaxing time.
When the weather is nice, we also recommend seating on the terrace (pets allowed).

[Library with approximately 10,000 books]
You can freely pick up and read a wide variety of books, including picture books, children's books, literature (novels, poems, and haiku), arts and crafts, architecture, health-related books, and fashion and art-related magazines. It is basically for in-store browsing, but there are also some sales and exchange corners.

*Since seats are limited, advance reservations are recommended (especially during lunchtime).
*Reservations are preferred for handmade soba (limited to 8 meals per day). If you are interested, please make a reservation as early as possible.

Annaka City
Average Cost
Open Hours
10:00 - 19:00 (last order at 18:30)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. There may be irregular temporary closures due to events, etc. Please check our social media and business schedule calendar.
1465-2 Shimogokan, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
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12 minutes by car from Annaka Station, 7 minutes by car from Annaka-Haruna Station (Due to infrequent buses, we recommend a private car or rental car. You can definitely search for the location on Google Maps)
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