A nostalgic soy sauce-flavored noodle restaurant serving vegan noodles “Charyumen”

A nostalgic soy sauce-flavored noodle restaurant serving vegan noodles “Charyumen”

Reservations required Vegan Noodles ``Charyumen'' A nostalgic soy sauce-flavored noodle dish made with traditional tea, complimentary tea, and Chinese herbal soup stock.

The noodles are gluten-free burnt brown rice noodles and domestic wheat noodles without anhydrous water. Toppings include strawberries, jujube, white wood ears, and seasonal vegetables.

Prices start from 1,200 yen for Charyu noodles. Sets start at 2,000 yen and include light rice balls, moringa sweets, and drinks.

``Medicinal Pepper Powder Maitreya'' We have spices that raise the internal temperature, containing Hihatsu powder, Moringa powder, and Japanese and Chinese powder.

Hiratsuka City
Average Cost
1200 円
Open Hours
12:00 - 20:00
Reservation required
4-20 Amanuma, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
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15 minutes walk from Hiratsuka Station. 5 minutes by bus from Hiratsuka Station East Exit
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