Torami in Ichinomiyamachi, Chosei County is the southernmost point in Kujukuri of Sotobo, Chiba. Utilizing an old folk house “Yuzuan” as the studio located within a one minute walk from Torami Station next to Kazusaichinomiya Station in a castle town surrounded by nature, KAMALA YOGA STUDIO operates a retreat where people have meals and stay overnight.

The old folk house which was used to be a house of fishermen’s boss and then to be a brewery has 200 year history. In the 10,759 square meter site, there are a traditional Japanese gate, a warehouse, the main building and Japanese garden and we organize yoga classes utilizing breath control and meditation methods in the warehouse and the main building. They are places where the strong energy from the earth and the light and soft energy from the sky are united.

For such a place full of calm and tranquil energies, the historic buildings have been well looked after. Utilizing the best healing space, atmospheric old folk house, we support our guests to revitalize by resetting their daily life and spending a moment to unite their body and soul.

We are pleased that our guests can discover something helping to solve their concerns and improve their health problems by reducing fatigue and stress and improving unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits and lack of exercise.

Average Cost
10000 円10000 円
Open Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
1611 Torami, Ichinomiyamachi, Chosei-gun, Chiba
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  • Non smoking

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    English Speaking Staff

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