First in Tokai! Fruit sandwich shop with vegan menu

First in Tokai! Fruit sandwich shop with vegan menu

First store opening in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture! Fruit Sandwich & Café (Sole), which supports farmers by reducing food waste, is the first vegan (egg- and dairy-free) fruit sandwich shop in the Tokai region.

・Vegan certified soy milk whip
・Uses natural yeast bread
・Natural sweetness using cane sugar

Natural yeast bread with whipped soy milk. The use of cane sugar increases the sweetness and depth, and the flavor is gentle for those who are health conscious!

We sell half-sized portions that are easy for children to eat, and we also offer some vegan fruit sandwiches that are made with soy milk and no eggs or dairy products.

We aim to create a store where children and people who are concerned about their health can easily stop by.

Sole means "sun" in Italian.
We want to shine on the customers who come to my store like the sun!

Average Cost
Open Hours
11:00 - 18:00
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4-8-5 Matsushinmachi, Kasugai City, Aichi, Japan
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5 minutes walk from Katsukawa Station
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