Carrot cake specialty store using carrots grown organically and without pesticides

Carrot cake specialty store using carrots grown organically and without pesticides

This is a carrot cake specialty store with a focus on take-out and eat-in options.

We sell soft and chewy carrot cakes and seasonal sweets made using Hokkaido flour and carrots with reduced pesticides. It has a gentle flavor that brings out the natural sweetness of carrots to the fullest without relying on the sweetness of sugar or dairy products.

I bake carrot cake every morning with the desire to help you enjoy something delicious without taking unnecessary things into your body.

We do not use additives such as colorants or fragrances to improve appearance. The basics are ingredients you already have at home.

With consideration for your body and the environment, we use high-quality ingredients that are difficult to find in regular supermarkets.

Enjoy a healthy carrot cake that you will never get tired of eating every day. We recommend eating it on the day it is baked. (Carrots are mainly grown organically and without pesticides, but if they are difficult to obtain, we use specially cultivated carrots.)

Average Cost
500 円
Open Hours
11:00 - 17:00 (closes at 16:00 once sold out)
Irregular holidays such as Mondays, Sundays, and New Year holidays
4-6-4 Tabata, Kita-ku, Tokyo
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6 minutes walk from Komagome Station
Payment Method
Number of Seats
  • Non smoking

  • Strollers


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