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Roppongi, Hiroo, Azabu
Average Cost
1000 円
Open Hours
Weekday:8:00-20:00, Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday :9:00-19:00
No Regular Holiday
6-6-9 Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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2018/05/17 18:24Takuya Hagiwara
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I was very disappointed with this place.
Already it is a little hard to find: it is located on the ground floor, but you don’t see it from the street easily. Do not be in a hurry if you look for this shop!
Then, when you order a juice from this kind of place, you expect it to be freshly squeezed, right? Well it is not. They make a big fuss about it being cold-pressed and everything to keep the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and all, but do they know the juice alter if you do not consume it right away? You lose all the good stuff from the juice when prepared in advance.
Let’s talk about the storage. They keep it in plastic bottles. What kind of plastic? No idea.
Now the price: it is just exorbitant. For the mini drink, you have to spend at least ¥780 (for 400ml), and for a regular bottle: it starts at ¥980. They can’t be serious. What do they add in their drinks to make them that expensive? Well they say they add absolutely nothing, and the drinks are natural. All right, fair enough. It is a good reason to increase the price then. I cannot imagine the final price if you want to do a juice cleansing.
I am ok with expensive along with quality BUT, it does not taste even good, and the drinks taste far too strong. Just chew on some ginger instead of buying your drink there.
Also, if you do not speak Japanese, good luck. They have a simplified menu in English (yes, not the full one), but do not speak a word of English. So if you want a special drink, you should come with your Japanese friend!

By Mary Jane
2017/06/23 15:46
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