Vegewel RICE NOODLES 12 packs
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Vegewel RICE NOODLES 12 packs


Vegewel RICE NOODLES is introduced on TV.

We are pleased to offer our original Vegewel vegan rice flour cup noodles “Vegewel RICE NOODLES” in a 12 pack set.

Regularly priced at ¥7,080 (¥590 per serving), this value set is available for the discounted price of ¥6,600 (¥550 per serving).

  1. Fully plant based andvegan ​ingredients (no animal products whatsoever).

  2. Chewy and satisfying non-fried noodlesprepared in 3 minutes.

  3. 1/3 of your daily recommended vegetables (serving size of 125g).

  4. Natural soup base with no additivesother than citric acid to preserve freshness.

  5. Filled with satisfying​chunks ​of vegetables sourced from Japan.

  6. No added sugars, yeast extract or chemical seasonings.

  7. A healthyand light option (266kcal, low fat, 0 cholesterol).

【For a Relaxing Lunch Break】

Imagine you have just finished the first half of your day. Do you ever find yourself with no time to make lunch but a convenience store rice ball won’t cut it?

With the cold season approaching, you find yourself craving a warm and hearty meal.

With Vegewel RICE NOODLES all you need is warm water at your office for a relaxing and enjoyable lunch break.

The vegetables and healthy ingredients will give you the energy to power through the rest of your work day.

【For a Family Meal】

Vegewel RICE NOODLES has 2/3 the calories, 1/10 fat and 1/2 the sodium of regular instant udon.

Carefully sourced and filled with vegetables,you can rest assured that you and your little ones are enjoying a healthy meal.

Don’t forget to cool the soup before you serve it to your little ones!

This product is great for health conscious expectant and post-birth mothers alike.

【For Self Care after a Long Work Day】

With a heavy workload it is common to have more late nights and overtime.

You may find yourself wanting to refuel but without enough energy to cook a healthy and satisfying meal.

Vegewel RICE NOODLES are a wonderful solution to your problem. With a mere three minute prep time and some extra sides you will be able to enjoyan easy and delicious dinner.

We recommend a garnish of grated radish and a side of yakitori style soy meat to spice up your dinner and recharge.

Uruchi Rice (domestic), Cornstarch, Citric Acid

【​Vegetable Fillings】
Yacon (Hokkaido), Broccoli (Hokkaido), Daikon (Aichi), Carrot (Aichi)


Soy Sauce Powder (soy sauce, tapioca), Shiitake Powder, Sesame Powder, Onion Powder, Tomato Powder, Rock Salt, Mirin Rice Powder (Includes trace amounts of wheat and soybeans).

* Trace amounts of wheat are present in the base soy sauce powders. Please see the Q&A section for more information.

【Nutritional Facts(Serving size of 95g)】
Calories 266kcal, Protein 5.8g, Fat 1.6g, Carbohydrate 56.7g, Sodium 2.6g

This product has roughly 2/3 calories, 1/10 of fat, and 1/2 of the sodium found in popular instant udon brands.

【Western Style with a Rainbow of Vegetables】

This is a fresh way to start your morning. We have added avocados, tomatoes and red peppers for a colorful meal and have topped it off with extra virgin olive oil for a Western style dish.

The dish is complete after garnishing with a bit of mustard seed.

【Tan-Tan Style with Soy Milk】

Just add 1 teaspoon of white miso, 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds and 1/2 a cup of plain soy milk warmed up. Mix it all up and you’ve got yourself an easy Tan-Tan style noodle dish.

Feel free to add chili oil to your liking. We’ve added some soy meat,fried eggplant and shishito pepper to top it all off.

We have developed our rice flour noodles exclusively for Vegewel RICE NOODLES with the help of food manufacturer Nari. Nari is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers with access to leading milling technologies and products such as gluten free “Komachi Noodles”.

The result is a rice noodle which has been developed diligently so that it can be brought back to its original form within a mere 3 minutes and boiling water.

A well-balanced variety of domestic rice is used to create a mochi like enjoyable texture.

You will be able to taste the sweet undertones of the rice with each bite. The quality of our ingredients will also leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Our soup is made with zero animal products, food additives, chemical seasonings, yeast extract, added sugar or sweeteners. With a mild and gentle flavor you will want to enjoy it down to the last drop.

Traditional Japanese methods and fermented seasonings are used to ensure that there is umami in each spoonful of our vegetable and mushroom soup base.

【Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce】

Our naturally brewed soy sauce is sourced from Muroji, the oldest soy sauce shop in Japan founded in 1573 in Tensho.

This soy sauce is brewed using ground soybeans and wheat from Fukui Prefecture, natural salt and Hakusan mineral-rich groundwater. Each bach is brewed for about a year using a traditional method and no additives that dates back to the Edo period.

The delicate taste, aroma and richness of more than 300 amino acids from the Koji fungi create a complex and rich taste that cannot be imitated.


Mirin-kasu ​is a by-product made in the manufacturing process after the mirin has been strained. It possesses a deep umami and sweetness thanks to the fermentation and aging process of glutinous rice and Koji cultures.

Vegewel RICE NOODLES uses “Mikawa Mirin,” which is highly rated even among top mirin brewers. They are the oldest brewers of mirin in Japan with a 240 year history of excellence.

It is carefully made by craftsmen using tried and true manufacturing methods. This leads to a final product with an elegant sweetness, rich fragrance and plenty of umami.

【Tree Grown Shiitake Mushrooms from Kyushu】

We have sourced our shiitake mushrooms from Kyushu. These mushrooms have been grown through a raw wood cultivation method. The fungi are planted on trees (such as Kunugi and Quercus) and are cultivated over two years as they receive a bounty of nutrients from the sun and earth.

This method takes considerably longer than the common fungus bed cultivation method (3 months). However, it is worth it as it produces a delicious and umami filled shiitake.

【Onions from Awajishima】

We use onions grown in mineral rich soil under the Awaji Island sun. Onions from Awajishima are characterized by their higher sugar content making them sweet and not too spicy or strong in taste.

【Himalayan Pink Salt】

For salt, we pride ourselves on using himalayan salt which is characterized by a higher mineral content and understated sweetness when compared to refined salt.

We use a state of the art dehydrator that uses low temperature steam to preserve four kinds of vegetables sourced from Japan (yacon, broccoli, radish and carrot).

The nutrients are preserved due to the low temperatures used when drying. Simply adding water will bring the vegetables back to their original nutrient full state.

The added vegetable filling and soup account for 125g of your daily vegetables.This makes up 1/3 of The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s recommendation of 350g per day in just one meal.

【Yacon from Hokkaido】

Yaco is a root vegetable native to the Andes, characterized by a gentle sweetness and crispy texture.

Yacon has been gaining attention in recent years due to its many health benefits. This crop is known to have a high content of fructooligosaccharides which are said to improve the gut flora as they can be converted into bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria within the intestine. All which lead to a healthy and happy gut.

【Broccoli from Hokkaido】
In addition to being particularly rich in vitamin C, it is a great source of folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin K, and potassium.

【Daikon from Aichi】
Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and digestive enzymes.

【Carrots from Aichi】
High in beta-carotene which is beneficial as an antioxidant and in improving immunity.

  1. Please remove the noodles, soup and fillings from their bags and place them into the cup. Please make sure to take out the oxygen absorber.

  2. Pour 300ml of boiling water (roughly 2cm from the top of the cup) into the cup and stir well so the soup is evenly dissolved.

  3. Cover and let sit for 3 minutes. Open the lid, give it a stir and enjoy! (Let sit for 5 minutes for water with a lower temperature).

Thank you for reading.

Why don't you replace usual meal into Vegewel VEGAN noodles?
We have 12 set at 6,600yen(550 yen per cup).

1. Are there any GMOs in your product?
We proudly do not use any genetically modified ingredients so you can enjoy our  products with ease.

2. Can I eat this product if I have a wheat allergy?
The soy sauce that we use is the only ingredient that contains wheat. However, the  wheat contained in soy sauce is described in the “Guidelines for Nutritional Meal  Guidance for Food Allergies by the Health and Labor Science Research Group 2017”  as follows:

“Wheat allergens are lost in the brewing process of wheat when used as a raw material for soy sauce. Therefore, even if there is a wheat label in the raw material, it is basically not necessary to remove it from the soy sauce.”

Based on this information, we believe that even those who are allergic to wheat can  enjoy our product. However, there are individual differences in allergic reactions so  please use discretion when choosing to eat our product.

3. Why is it more expensive than other cup noodles?
The main reason is that the cost of each ingredient is significantly higher than that of  ordinary cup noodles, due to our careful selection of safe, secure and delicious  ingredients. In addition, the current production quantity has also had an effect on the  overall price.

We are striving to increase the production volume in order to offer this product at a  more affordable price in the near future.

4. Is glucose added to the dried vegetables?
Vegewel RICE NOODLES do not contain any added glucose. We have kept the  vegetables in their original state.

5. Is this the same product as the one that was crowdfunded before?
This product is new and improved from the one that was initially available in 2018.  After receiving feedback we have improved upon the taste and ingredients for the new  version of this product.

Click here to read more on our crowd funding efforts.

6. When is the expiration date for this product?
This product has a shelf life of half a year. We will deliver products with a shelf life of more than two months at the time of shipment.

Misato Komatsubara
Japanese Icedancer

“These noodles have a chewy and familiar texture yet are healthy and able to satisfy me. The cuteness of the packaging, taste and quality of ingredients can definitely add to my life. It was delicious. It is especially useful for me as a vegan athlete who needs something on the go.”

Fashion Model

“I loved the chewiness of the noodles. There were so many fillings in the soup even though it’s a cup noodle! The packaging is also really girl and I’m sure many women will appreciate that.”


“ The noodles were chewy and filling and made for a satisfying meal. The soup is rich and healthy with lots of vegetables, making this a wonderful meal. I was quite pleased with the use of easily digestible rice flour. I would definitely like to eat it again.”

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